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Subject Tomcat 3.2 file name parsing
Date Sat, 14 Oct 2000 01:58:04 GMT
After trying a number of permutations and adding log data I have found:
	Under at least Win98, opening a file using a drive letter in the
path fails.

I explicitly fed "c:/apache/jakarta-tomcat/webapps/myapp/foo.xml" into the
bean I call from my JSP page and get a file not found exception. If I change
the string to "/apache/jakarta-tomcat/webapps/myapp/foo.xml" it works. The
only difference is dropping the "c:".

This is a pity since I used to build the
filename in the first place. This problem did not exist under Tomcat 3.1.

Marc McDonald


I've been trying to get a decent workaround for this for about a week. Does
anyone have any ideas?

I've been using Tomcat 3.2 under Apache 1.3.12.

Apparently, when Java is run from JSP the current directory of the JVM is
the directory from which Tomcat was started but not for the compiled JSP
page. The problem is that when combined with access security file access
seems to become impossible.

I have a web app and specify its base directory which works fine as far as
JSP files go, i.e. the current directory is the base directory for any
inline java code. But, as soon as I use a taglib, the taglib methods see
jakarta-tomcat/bin. Trying to access files by absolute path fail with not
found errors.

Put simply:
  webapps/why/test.jsp		-- Current directory = webapps/why
	<taglib:whatever>	-- Current directory = jakarta-tomcat/bin in
taglib classes

Marc McDonald

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