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From "O'Hagan, Shaun" <>
Subject RE: IE4 SSL -> Tomcat 4 (clientAuth=true)
Date Tue, 03 Oct 2000 13:04:47 GMT
Hi Criag,

Thanks for the answer

>The stack trace is an ugly way for Tomcat 4.0 to respond (which will be
>but the key issue is that you need to go acquire a *client* certificate
>some certificate authority (Verisign has free 30-day trial certificates in
>US, not sure about Europe), and install it in your browser.  What's
happening is
>that Tomcat is asking your browser to upload it's certificates, but you
>have installed so it is not able to validate you.

I followed your advice and obtained a certificate from verisign but I'm
still getting the same error and having alot of frustration here :-(


When I create the certificate pair with keytool for tomcat and export it to
send to verisign they send me a signed certificate back.  Do I do an import
on this ?  I've done so but I end up with two entries with my keytool -list,
one for my original tomcat alias and the other for mykey which is the
trustedcertentry. ?

Verisign sent me an email that told me to point my IE55 browser to 

install the Test CA Root.  This I've done.

But no go.  I get this null cert chain error.  What can I check on IE5 to
see why it isn't sending what ever it isn't sending ?

Thanks for any help again.

Shaun O'Hagan

Tanning Technology Europe.

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