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From Drew Kidder <>
Subject Re: <url-pattern> only works with Tomcat HTTP server, not Apache
Date Mon, 16 Oct 2000 21:51:18 GMT
Perhaps you should set your <url-mapping> tag to "/webmail/*" as opposed to 
just "*"?  Then it would pick up everything after webmail....or maybe even 

Or, perhaps in tomcat-apache.conf, you could add the line "ApJServMount 
/webmail/servlet /webmail" to the /webmail context.  That might give you 
what you want.

At 04:27 PM 10/16/2000 -0500, you wrote:
>Ok, I'll reply to my own message.
>I think I know why Apache isn't recognizing the servlet mappings that I 
>have set up in web.xml:  it's because tomcat-apache.conf (the 
>automatically-generated conf file for mod_jserv) doesn't tell Apache 
>anything about it.  All tomcat-apache.conf has is context mounts, it 
>doesn't take care of setting up what you have defined in your web.xml 
>files.  Apparently the same is true if you're using mod_jk, or so it seems 
>from reading previous posts in the mailing list archive.  (I haven't 
>actually been able to try it with mod_jk since there are no decent setup 
>instructions for it -- please enlighten me if you have found some.)
>So, now that I have got that straight, I still don't know what other 
>directives I have to add to httpd.conf so that URLs starting with
>     <>
>are redirected to the servlet called '' (just an 
>example) of the /webmail context.
>If there is documentation on how to do this with mod_jserv, please point 
>me to it.  Otherwise, do any of you have any hints?
>Paul Hoepfner-Homme wrote:
>>I know this topic has been posted before, because I read about it in the
>>list archives, but the problem still remains unsolved.  It's seems like
>>such a basic thing too, and I'm surprised I haven't found an answer yet.
>>I have Tomcat 3.2 beta 6 installed on Red Hat 6.1, working with Apache
>>(Apache is configured by including the tomcat-apache.conf file).  I have
>>the context /webmail set up, which works fine when I try to call a
>>servlet this way:

>>But I don't want my users to have to call up the page that way because
>>it's too long.  Instead I want users to call it this way:
>>     <>
>>So I edited web.xml (found in $TOMCAT_HOME/webapps/webmail/WEB-INF) and
>>gave my servlet the url-mapping of *.  I've verified that it works with
>>the Tomcat HTTP server by calling the URL
>>     <>
>>and it displays to correct content.  But when I try to access
>><>, Apache 
>>displays a "not found" error.
>>Why does this happen and how do I fix it?
>>Thanks for any suggestions,
>>Paul Hoepfner-Homme
>>OVEN Digital | <>
>Paul Hoepfner-Homme
>OVEN Digital | <>

Andrew Kidder
L3 SW/Support Engineer, IBU
Tivoli Systems


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