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From Drew Kidder <>
Subject Apache/Tomcat path intercept
Date Wed, 11 Oct 2000 16:43:05 GMT
Okay, I'm working on someone else's app, so don't blame me if this is 
convoluted. :)

I have an app whose web.xml contains a <url-pattern> filter of 
/cme/FormHandler, mapped to a <servlet-name>SimpleFormHandler.  So, one of 
the .jsp forms calls as it's ACTION the path "/cme/FormHandler".  However, 
Apache (not tomcat) is returning a 404, meaning (I think) that Apache is 
looking for /cme/FormHandler in it's own docroot, and not passing it off to 
Tomcat like it should.

What do I have to do here?  Shove an ApJServMount /cme /ROOT directive in 
my tomcat-apache.conf?

Andrew Kidder
L3 SW/Support Engineer, IBU
Tivoli Systems


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