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From Drew Kidder <>
Subject Servlet context and returned files
Date Mon, 09 Oct 2000 14:53:30 GMT

>I posted this a while back, but haven't seen a response, so I thought I'd 
>try posting again.  Here's the deal:
>I have a servlet, say "MyServlet", that I'm using to do various 
>things.  One of those things is managing file transfer and bandwidth 
>throttling. The user is presented with several links which represent files 
>that live in the /usr/apache/htdocs directory.  The actual anchor is 
>"" or something like 
>that.  The user clicks the link, the servlet strips off the 'name' 
>argument, and then goes to get the file and downloads it with a server 
>output stream.
>What happens is that when I click the link, it returns the file - but 
>instead of having the correct filename of "MyFile.pdf", it has the name 
>"MyServlet.pdf". It doesn't matter what file I click, I'll always get a 
>filename of "MyServlet" with the proper extension appended on at the end. 
>The file downloads correctly and such, but is named improperly.
>Is this an issue with the servlet container? Is something not correct in 
>my setup? How can I keep the name from changing to the name of the 
>servlet?  This is a rather frustrating bug, and I'm not really sure where 
>to start looking.
>Thank you.

Andrew Kidder
L3 SW/Support Engineer, IBU
Tivoli Systems


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