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From Sterling <>
Subject Configuring Tomcat - Examples don't work.
Date Mon, 30 Oct 2000 19:35:32 GMT

I have been through the archive and found references to this problem but
haven't found any solutions. Or at least any that give examples on the

Being a newbie to tomcat (and linux to a degree) I was wondering if
anyone could help me out with a Tomcat problem?

Here's what I have so far.
Linux: Redhat 6.2
Apache 1.3.12 Up and Running smoothly. Domain names work good and all
that jazz.
Tomcat 3.1 up and Running half way. Pulls up directory pages under
examples (jsp, servlets, images) Tomcat WebServer v3.1

My servlets will run but the JSP examples come up with
Error: 500
Location: /examples/jsp/dates/date.jsp

Yes the dreaded 500 error.

My server is throwing out a lot of text when I try to execute a JSP
example. But at the top it says.
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: sun/tools/javac/Main

Here's what I have for my env variables as per the documentation.
TOMCAT_HOME=/usr/local/tomcat ; export TOMCAT_HOME
set JAVA_HOME=/usr/local/jdk1.2.2; export JAVA_HOME
set PATH=$PATH:$JAVA_HOME/bin; export PATH

All the posts I've found on this issue say that the CLASSPATH isn't set
to find tools.jar.
My question is how do you set the classpath for tomcat?
Could someone please give me an example of classpath setting? I tried

set CLASSPATH=/usr/local/jdk1.2.2/lib; export CLASSPATH

without success. 8^(

Is this really the problem?
Is it me, tomcat configuration, the planets?

I'm very lost and frustrated on this issue. For a week now.
Any assistance or insight anyone might have would be greatly


PS(I start Tomcat first, than restart Apache. None throw errors on
PPS(Is there a Tomcat Newsgroup available, other than posting queries to
the Apache one? (japan.www.server.apache) I see a lot of Tomcat posts up
there but would like to focus on this program in the appropriate
newsgroup, if possible. Hence this mailing list. 8^)

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