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From Kurt Bernhard Pruenner <>
Subject Re: JavaBean at JSP
Date Tue, 24 Oct 2000 11:03:25 GMT wrote:
> I want to have my JSP page mesto.jsp at some directory and my JavaBean
> Mesto.class at directory under it (at WEB-INF/classes/mesto). Is this my
> demand not standard? That is, must I to have JSP page and JavaBean at the
> same directory? Or must I define context (at server.xml) for any
> subdirectory, where I want to place my JSP pages?

> server.xml:
> **********
> <Context path="/pok_JSP"
>          docBase="/usr/adissys/pok_JSP"
>          debug="9"
>          reloadable="true" >
> </Context>

Well, the WEB-INF directory always has to be in the docBase directory you
specify for your context, as the classes and libraries in it are shared by the
whole context (which would be "/pok_JSP" in your case). It might be possible
to do what you want by using

<Context path="/pok_JSP/SB/vzor"
         reloadable="true" >

but I (anyone?) haven't ever tried this...

Hope this helps. :)

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