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From "Corey A. Johnson" <>
Subject Servlet Directory
Date Tue, 24 Oct 2000 00:14:40 GMT
Hello all,

First, let me apologize... this is so simple... but i have been beating
my head against the wall for almost 20 hours straight now...

I have successfully installed Tomcat on my Solaris... With Apache 1.3.14

Everything seems to be working fine... JSPs work well... looking through
the logs... no errors...  but i can not get any servlets to work in my
defined servlet directory.  I must be missing something very simple. 
When i try to invoke a servlet, the tomcat.log file shows:

Context log: path="" Class Not Found in init
 java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: testAllego

In my tomcat.conf file.. i have the line:

ApJServMount /servlet /root

And i have this in my server.xml file:

<Context path="" docBase="/export/home/cni/servlet" debug="0"
reloadable="true" > 

I feel like i am so close... because ay least it is "trying" to load the
servlet class... but tomcat can't find it..

please help... i need some sleep...

thanks in advance.

Corey A. Johnson
Creative Network Innovations, Inc.
1-800-264-5547 ** 1-321-259-1984

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