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From Christian Rauh <>
Subject Re: Why there are two apache servlets projects?
Date Fri, 20 Oct 2000 14:51:00 GMT

That was part of my original doubt. It seems that one is a sun
cooperation and the other is independent. It seems to me that there was
some kind of misunderstanding between the guys who wanted sun and the
others who wanted it independent. Each one took its own way.

That would explain the large lack of information about how both projects
relate to eah other.

Christian Rauh

Ted Husted wrote:
> Following this thread, I understand the evolution of JServ to Tomcat,
> but why are there seperate java and jakarta projects on
> Not everything on seems to be deprecated or superceded
> by packages in; or is everything on the
> area dependant on Jserv in some way?
> --Ted.

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