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From Joakim Verona <>
Subject Re: JSP and frames
Date Fri, 20 Oct 2000 00:21:10 GMT

i have a fairly similar setup that works well,
except im runing linux, and tomcat 3.2b6.

my frameset looks like this:

<!-- main horizontal frameset -->
<frameset framespacing=0 border=0 frameborder=0 cols="160,*">

<!-- left frame -->
<frame name=left scrolling=yes noresize src="categoryframe.jsp">

<!-- main frame -->
<frame name=main src="odetails.jsp?id=<%=sessionBean.getCurrentUser().getId()%>"
 ><%= sessionBean.getCurrentUser().getPrettyId() %>">


but there seems to be nothing wrong with yours either.

> Tamara Monson wrote:
> Hey all - I need some help.  I'm running Apache 1.3.12, Tomcat 3.1 on a Sun box running
Solaris 8.
> I have a .jsp page, frametest.jsp that contains a frameset:
>     <frameset>
>         <frame src="myStuff/test1.jsp">
>         <frame src="myStuff/test2.jsp">
>     </frameset>
> Both test1.jsp and test2.jsp use session attributes that are set by frametest.jsp.  Sadly,
when I go to:
>     http://localhost/myStuff/frametest.jsp
> nothing happens - none of the expected output from the two test .jsp's is displayed,
and there aren't any error messages logged in either the Apache error log or in the Tomcat
servlet.log. (the context for /myStuff is set up in tomcat.conf and in server.xml)
> I'm using the application object's logging capabilities to "track" progress through all
3 .jsp's.  The only messages that get logged are from the frametest.jsp.
> Why doesn't the expected output from test1.jsp and test2.jsp get displayed?  And why
aren't the expected application log messages from the two .jsp's being logged?
> --Tamara

Joakim Verona

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