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From Christian Rauh <>
Subject Re: Why there are two apache servlets projects?
Date Thu, 19 Oct 2000 18:39:41 GMT
Dear Jan,

That is exactly the information I have been looking for. Why this isn´t
written somewhere in the apache site?

The next question I pose is: how hard it is to eventually port the
applications from JServ to Apache? I believe none due to backward
compatibility, but is this really happening?

Christian Rauh

Jan Labanowski wrote:
> Let me answer the Most FAQ of the list...
> JServ is a mature product which uses Servlet Specification 2.0.
> This spec is about 2 years old. While it is production quality, it is
> also behind with new developments, does not directly support JSP (you
> can via add ons, but those are JSP spec. 0.9).
> The Tomcat is a product which implements the latest and greatest in the
> Servlet/JSP technology. However, it is still not mature, often buggy,
> and not really optimized, as it is mainly the reference implementation.
> It is getting better... There are some commercial vendors which provide
> the similar functionality as Tomcat and are supposedly more reliable
> (but the jury is still out on this).
> In short... If you maintain the older site, with servlets only, do JServ.
> If your priorities are clear: "Under no circumstances can your site
> go down" -- use JServ. If you do not plan to use a lot of development
> and do not need JSP, and use some JServ compatible package for
> E-business or something, use JServ.
> If you want to work with the latest technologies, which are becoming
> de facto standard, and will be widely deployed a year from now, use Tomcat.
> The stable versions of Tomcat (currently 3.1 final) are quite reliable,
> and if your site can afford to have an hour of downtime a week, and
> has less than 100 hits a minute, go with Tomcat.
> Jan
> Jan K. Labanowski            |    phone: 614-292-9279,  FAX: 614-292-7168
> Ohio Supercomputer Center    |    Internet:
> 1224 Kinnear Rd,             |
> Columbus, OH 43212-1163      |
> On Thu, 19 Oct 2000, Christian Rauh wrote:
> > I am currently evaluating technology for running servlets and have found
> > that the apache group has both the JServ and the Tomcat projects for
> > that.
> >
> > What I didn´t found was a good analisys and comparison of both software,
> > and a historical explanation for the existence of two similar projects.
> >
> > What´s with JServ and Tomcat?
> >
> > Christian Rauh
> > Newtrade
> >

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