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From "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
Subject Re: Can i use JDBC realm to protect .ram files ? ?
Date Fri, 13 Oct 2000 04:36:07 GMT

> Hi want to protect Real Player meta files with Tomcat's JDBC Realm.Is
> it possible  ? ?By default it only protects .jsp and servlets.I want
> Tomcat to pop-up the login box when the user sends a request to
> http://host/context/media/metafile.ram I know it can be done via the
> Apache password protection mechanism but  i am only interested in
> Database authentication because i want to let the user register via
> HTML form and select a username/passowrd by himself.Tomcat's
> implementation with Users/Roles tables fits very nice but it only
> protects JSP and servets.Any ideas ? ?Thanks,Alex

Tomcat enforces the rules you define in your <security-constraint>
elements.  In particular, you can define a <url-pattern> to which a
particular constraint applies.  You've got a couple of choices -- define
a pattern "/media/*" to protect all files in the /media subdirectory (no
matter what type they are), or define a pattern "*.ram" to protect all
RealAudio files (no matter what directory they are in).

Craig McClanahan

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