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From Peter Choe <>
Subject jsp file showing file not found
Date Thu, 12 Oct 2000 13:36:46 GMT
i am running apache 3.1.11 on one server (www) and have all request for JSP
going to another server, using tomcat 3.2 beta 4, i think (w7).  both are
running on FreeBSD 3.4.

i have some jsps that are already working, and i didn't have to add anything
to the server.xml file to have the jsp mapped correctly.

i have one jsp folder called directory, and i just wrote a new
webapplication called roster.

if i do www/directory/index.jsp, i get the appropriate page, but when i do
www/roster/index.jsp, i get a file not found on server error.  but when i do
w7:8080/roster/index.jsp i get the right file.

is there something that i need to configure?  is there any special
configuration i need to do on web.xml or any other files?

peter choe

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