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From "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
Subject Re: Can't unsubscribe
Date Wed, 11 Oct 2000 19:01:47 GMT
To all who are trying to unsubscribe but cannot,

The error message in Marcia's response tells you WHY it didn't work -- and (with a little
reading) HOW to unsubscribe correctly in this scenario.

> Hi! This is the ezmlm program. I'm managing the
> mailing list.
> Acknowledgment: The address
> was not on the tomcat-user mailing list when I received
> your request and is not a subscriber of this list.

This happens quite often when you, or the mail adminstrator on your mail server, has changed
"From" or "Reply-To" address that is generated on your outgoing mail after you have subscribed
the list.  In Marcia's case, the original subscription was to "" -- as you can
discover if you examine the return message headers as described in the response.

So, the question becomes, "how can I unsubscribe when my address has changed, and I cannot
change it

The answer is further down in the reply message:

> If you unsubscribe, but continue to receive mail, you're subscribed
> under a different address than you currently use. Please look at the
> header for:
> 'Return-Path: <>'
> The unsubscribe address for this user would be:
> ''.
> Just mail to that address, suvalues, reply to the confirmation request, and you should
receive a
> message
> that you're off the list.
> For some mail programs, you need to make the headers visible to
> see the return path:

So, the correct way for Marcia to unsubscribe would be to send mail to:

I have done it for her because I was already in the mail database to confirm what was going
on --
PLEASE, everyone, read and follow the instructions in the reply message!

Craig McClanahan

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