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From "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
Subject Re: reBuilt tomcat-4.0 ok, but localhost:8080 fails to load?
Date Sat, 07 Oct 2000 19:00:54 GMT
John Hager wrote:

> hey there,
> Ok I re-built the tomcat-4.0 components successfully into my tomcat\build
> folder.  Now I can start up catalina (bin\catalina start), however
> localhost:8080 fails to load (HTTP 500), and here's what the localhost log
> file says:
> ========================
> 2000-10-07 11:44:08 StandardHost[localhost]: MAPPING configuration error for
> requset URI
> 2000-10-07 11:44:26 StandardHost[localhost]: Mapping request URI '/'
> ========================
> my OS: win2K
> any ideas?

You would get this error if the ROOT webapp did not get created.  What's in the
"..\build\tomcat-4.0\webapps" directory?  You should see folders for ROOT,
examples, manager (if you are using a recent nightly distribution), and webdav.

One thing to remember ... you have to do the build from the top-level Tomcat 4.0
source directory in order to end up with a complete Tomcat 4.0 that includes
Catalina, Jasper, and the included webapps.  For me, that means (on Linux):

    cd /home/cmcclanahan/Jakarta/jakarta-tomcat-4.0
    ./ clean

and I end up with a completed build in


(which I normally set my CATALNIA_HOME environment variable to point at so that
I can start and stop it from anywhere).

> thanks, john.


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