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From Paul Hoepfner-Homme <>
Subject Getting there... but how to stop automatic contexts?
Date Fri, 06 Oct 2000 17:59:43 GMT
Hey guys, I decided to give up on the mod_jk thing (I could spend months
on that, I bet), and go back to Tomcat 3.1 instead of 3.2beta4 using
JServ to connect with Apache.  That works fine, but I notice that when
Tomcat starts, it shows these messages (in addition to the standard
context init messages):

Context log: path="/admin" Automatic context load
Context log: path="/admin" Adding context path="/admin" 
Context log: path="/template" Automatic context load
Context log: path="/template" Adding context path="/template" 

/admin and /template are just some directories that I have in /webapps,
but I don't want Tomcat to automatically mount these contexts, only the
ones I have defined in server.xml.  Is there a way to stop Tomcat from
automatically mounting them, and only to mount the ones I tell it to
explicitly in server.xml?

Paul Hoepfner-Homme

OVEN Digital |

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