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From Christoph Schaper <>
Subject Re: Can't figure out how get a servlet to run!
Date Thu, 05 Oct 2000 23:29:52 GMT
Paul Hoepfner-Homme wrote:

> I got a webmail application called Saké Mail that I am trying to install
> onto my Tomcat server (it's servlet-based).  I've had no trouble install
> it onto other Java servlet runners (like JServ and ATG Dynamo) but those
> runners only support the 2.0 servlet specification apparently, and this
> webmail app needs a runner that is at least 2.1-compliant (which Tomcat
> is).  I managed to get those runners to find and run the servlet, but it
> gave errors because they weren't 2.1-compliant, so that's when I
> realized I needed Tomcat.

If your servlet needs at least a 2.1 compliant engine but you could
it on an engine that isnt ????? how did you do that ?

put your jar file under your webapps/ROOT/lib dir
put your classes under webapps/ROOT/WEB-INF/classes/
and maybe read the docs and readmes

work on your server.xml and your web.xml
sorry but you dont really make sense
> The last step doesn't work (404).  In fact, nothing that's of the form
> http://<servername>/servlet/... works.  There's no such think as
> /servlet, in fact.  There is, however, such thing as /examples/servlet,
> because that's how all of the example servlets that came with Tomcat
> worked.
You can "alias servlets in your web.xml under WEB-INF
example :

so something like becomes

  Christoph Schaper

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