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From "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
Subject Re: Running Tomcat for an ISP
Date Thu, 05 Oct 2000 02:53:55 GMT
Duane Gran wrote:

> > >   - can I prevent crashing when the user use a buggy native library (core
> > > dump)?
> > >
> >
> > How about not allowing native libraries?
> >
> > What ISP operators might want to think about is a two-tiered pricing model --
> > a higher price to have your own JVM, running under your own OS username, in
> > which you can run your own webapps but nobody elses (so if you crash it you
> > only hurt yourself), and an economy price for a shared JVM environment.  This
> > avoids the issue about OS user identity being shared as well.
> This is interesting.  I was under the impression that it wasn't possible
> to use a shared JVM with Tomcat like you can with JServ.  All of the
> examples I have seen in the User Guide seem to imply that a separate JVM
> instance is the only route.  Am I misunderstanding something?

For Tomcat 3.1 you basically had to run a separate JVM per virtual host.

This situation has been changed for 3.2 -- you can configure and run
virtual hosts in a single JVM, and you have the option to run under a
manager (if you're running on a Java2 platform) as I described in the
message.  You might want to do this anyway, even in a JVM-per-customer
world, to
limit what mischief your customer can get into.

> > On the other hand, with hardware being relatively cheap, it's probably
> > simpler to stick with just the JVM-per-customer approach and put up a farm of
> > servers of appropriate size so that you don't care about the higher memory
> > occupancy.
> I would agree.  I'm in a similar position as the original poster and I'm
> testing Tomcat in a shared hosting environment.  Having a JVM instance
> for each user is much better than hoping that one person won't pull down
> the whole thing for everyone else.  The sandbox is worth it, although
> I'm still not sure how well this will scale in practice.  As I learn
> more from practical experience over the coming months I'll be
> summarizing to the list.
> Duane Gran


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