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From Duane Gran <>
Subject Re: Running Tomcat for an ISP
Date Thu, 05 Oct 2000 01:58:47 GMT
> >   - can I prevent crashing when the user use a buggy native library (core
> > dump)?
> >
> How about not allowing native libraries?
> What ISP operators might want to think about is a two-tiered pricing model --
> a higher price to have your own JVM, running under your own OS username, in
> which you can run your own webapps but nobody elses (so if you crash it you
> only hurt yourself), and an economy price for a shared JVM environment.  This
> avoids the issue about OS user identity being shared as well.

This is interesting.  I was under the impression that it wasn't possible
to use a shared JVM with Tomcat like you can with JServ.  All of the
examples I have seen in the User Guide seem to imply that a separate JVM
instance is the only route.  Am I misunderstanding something?

> On the other hand, with hardware being relatively cheap, it's probably
> simpler to stick with just the JVM-per-customer approach and put up a farm of
> servers of appropriate size so that you don't care about the higher memory
> occupancy.

I would agree.  I'm in a similar position as the original poster and I'm
testing Tomcat in a shared hosting environment.  Having a JVM instance
for each user is much better than hoping that one person won't pull down
the whole thing for everyone else.  The sandbox is worth it, although
I'm still not sure how well this will scale in practice.  As I learn
more from practical experience over the coming months I'll be
summarizing to the list.

Duane Gran

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