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From GOMEZ Henri <>
Subject <RPMANN UPDT='FMT'>Update of Apache Group RPMs</RPMANN>
Date Tue, 17 Oct 2000 15:32:28 GMT

I rebuild completly the Apache RPMs after the "Apache's RPM packaging layout
poll" :

- I will follow now the Debian policy for java :

	* general java jars (much like shared libs) goes to /usr/share/java 
	  (xerces.jar, xalan.jar, jakarta-regexp.jar)

	* binaries goes in /usr/bin (ie /usr/bin/ant)

	* application datas goes in /var/appname (ie: /var/cocoon,
/var/tomcat, /var/tomcat°

Take a look at 

	-> ant 1.1, cocoon 1.8, regexp 1.1, tomcat 3.2b6, tomcat 4.0m2,
xalan-j 1.2, xerces-j 1.2

Regards and enjoy

"Dans les révolutions, il y a deux sortes de gens: ceux qui les font et ceux
qui en profitent "
-- Napoleon 

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