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From GOMEZ Henri <>
Subject RE: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Tomcat 4.0 Milestone 2 Released
Date Thu, 12 Oct 2000 08:38:25 GMT

>> > I'm not sure what you are proposing to include in this 
>RPM.  Tomcat 4.0
>> > includes Catalina (the servlet container), Jasper (the JSP 
>engine), and
>> > the standard web applications already.  I would go ahead 
>and make the
>> > RPM be "Tomcat 4.0 Milestone 2" or whatever version you 
>are basing it
>> > on.
>> If I name the RPM tomcat and give it the version number 4.0, 
>> it will replace tomcat 3.x RPM allready installed.
>iff the user says "--upgrade."
>If the user saus "-" it should install the two side-by-side 
>(though it will 
>complain if there are common files).

Hi all, 

Just to finish this thread which is more REDHAT/RPM related than
strictly TC. 

* For now TC 3.2 RPM install all tomcat stuff in /home/tomcat
* TC 4.0 will live in /home/tomcat4/ (I'm rebuilding it rigth now)

I'm worried about the fact that some 3.2 users could do an 
UPDATE (rpm -Uvh) instead of an INSTALL (rpm -Ivh) and 
so the will destroy their installed TC 3.2. 

BTW, I'll package a TOMCAT RPM (VERSION 4.0m2).
It will live with the package TOMCAT (VERSION 3.2beta6.1), since
no collision between data dirs

I could allways fixe the RPM naming after ;-)

PS: Seems we need a ant version > 1.1 to build TC 4.0 ?


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