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From Kitching Simon <>
Subject RE: Performance
Date Wed, 04 Oct 2000 13:04:42 GMT
Having had a look at the orion benchmark test, what I
really find interesting is that they have no information 
whatsoever on the *way* that the products were configured.

Tomcat behaves very differently depending on its config options.
For example, was the jsp auot-reload on or off? This makes a *huge*
performance difference.

And was a thread pool configured? How many threads in the pool?

I'm not saying the benchmark is wrong, but that there are unanswered
I see that the JRun people are working with orion to rerun the tests,
presumably so
they can tune their webserver properly before the tests are run. Until and
a good tomcat person does the same for tomcat, or at least orion publish
the config for tomcat, they can't be taken at face value.

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> Subject:	Performance
> Have you guys looked at
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> Why is TOMCAT so slow when compared with the other engines ? Which
> performance bottlenecks are recognised and how to avoid them ?
> What about Catalina ? is it faster than TOMCAT current engine ?
> Wellington Silva

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