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From "Stanley, Jim" <>
Subject 3.1 Installation Problems etc.
Date Wed, 18 Oct 2000 15:04:38 GMT

I'm a new subscriber to the list, working with a client that's doing some
programming for us.  We've been a JRun shop, so we're getting used to

We're having installation problems with the latest version 3.1: trying to
start tomcat gives a "HttpConnectionHandler not found" error message.  I
went through the archives and there was something about using JDK1.2.2
instead of 1.2 - but we're already using 1.2.2 and getting this problem as
well.  I've checked classpaths 'till I'm blue in the face and nothing seems
to help.  This is on NT4, SP6;  we are testing the app on both this platform
and AIX.

The current 3.2 beta also seems to have problems:  a most mysterious error
about a missing method that ends with "V" *after* the parentheses keeps
popping up.  Any suggestions?

Version 3.0 seems to work well enough;  we've discovered another problem
with cookies and 3.1 running under AIX.  Someone documented a bug whereby
cookies are not getting written after a sendRedirect() call - but I've
searched the code and found no such calls (also jsp "forward" calls, per
browsing the archive) and we still have the problem, though it doesn't occur
under 3.0.  They do directly manipulate the address;  would that produce the
same effect?

Thanks for any help you can render on this one.  We're deep in Deployment
Hell and could use a life preserver!

Jim Stanley
Jacobs Engineering
Pasadena CA 

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