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From Mike Papper <>
Subject Auto-Setting CLASSPATh during ANT compilation
Date Mon, 30 Oct 2000 23:01:37 GMT
Hello, I have been using Ant + Tomcat for a little while and I have added 
more and more Java libraries (like struts, Universe, mail). Each time I 
do so, I need to update the CLASSPATH environment variable on my machine 
to include the new Jar and Zip files.

This is NOT because the it wont run, as Tomcat will use all files in the 
WEN-INF/lib/ directory and add these to the classpath.

The reason I have to add these Jar and Zip files explicitly to my 
CLASSPATH is because I cannot compile otherwise. Is there anyone whos 
figured out a clean way to have the ant compilation process also include 
these files (either in tomcat/webapps/WEB-INF or my working directories 
lib directory) into the CLASSPATH for compilation?

Could you email me any ideas?
Mike Papper

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