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From Drasko Kokic <>
Subject Re: Making work instead of
Date Mon, 23 Oct 2000 16:19:13 GMT
Since you are using Apache Web server, it is up to the
httpd.conf (and all included files) to define the
mappings.  I think the Tomcat file included in the
httpd.conf would define the mapping for the servlet


--- Allen <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I appologize if this is in the mail archive already,
> I probably did a poor job searching :-)
> The following is my configuration:
>   Tomcat 3.1
>   Solaris 2.7
>   JDK 1.3.0-RC
>   Apache 1.3.12
>   Virtual Host
> I would like to, for the purposes of backward
> compatibility, have a servlet run given the
> following path:
> Where myServlet, is - of course - the servlet that I
> want to run.
> However my provider has Tomcat configured, I can
> only seem to run servlets if they are in a path like
> this:
> I tried fiddling around with my web.xml file and
> have not been able to land on a configuration that
> would allow me to do this. I do not, of
> course, have access to the tomcat.conf nor the
> conf/web.xml files since they are used by several
> other people on the box... nor do I seem
> to have access to my server.xml file... though I
> could maybe ask to see a copy.
> From the code, it appears that if a servlet invoker
> is defined in conf/web.xml it can be overridden by
> one defined in a web.xml file
> defined my my application's WEB-INF directory? Or am
> I reading that backwards?
> Despite that, I can not seem to change the path
> (even to something like
> ACTUAL QUESTION: So, what would cause servlets to
> only be run if the path starts with /servlet? Is it
> because there is something in
> tomcat.conf that is telling Apache that servlets
> should only be invoked along a path that starts with
> /servlet?
> Any suggestions on configuring what I want to do
> would be appreciated (or any proper reprimands about
> reading such-and-such before asking
> such a question :-) ).
> Thanks ahead of time!
> Allen

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