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Subject Re:Working with the Jakarta NT Service
Date Thu, 19 Oct 2000 21:21:13 GMT

there's a known bug in JDK 1.3 that makes jk_nt_service (used for starting
tomcat as a service in NT) exit when someone logs-off from the server where
tomcat is running (search the mailing list for tomcat users

Diego Rodrigo
Vates S.A.

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Subject:    Working with the Jakarta NT Service
Date:       19/10/2000 10:42 PM


In regards to working with the Jakarta NT Service, I have found a small
(potentially big) problem.  I had no problems setting up Jakarta as an NT
service, and incorporating it with my IIS web sites.  The problem that
occurs however is whenever I log out of the computer, the Jakarta service
stops itself, while the IIS and WWW publishing services continue to run.

Evidently the website can no longer work, at least in terms of the jsps and
servlets.  The Jakarta service can be remotely started from another computer
while no one is logged on the web server, and it will run fine until someone
logs on and then logs off the web server, thereby stopping the Jakarta
service.  This is a less than ideal situation.

Have you an ideas on possible workarounds on this issue?  Your help would be

Cheers and thank you,

Marc Mac Donell
Application Developer
EXOCOM Application Solutions Corp.
World Exchange Plaza
1400 - 45 O'Connor Street
Ottawa, Ontario     K1P 1A4
Tel: (613) 237-0257 ext. 507

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