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From Jean-Paul Le Fevre <>
Subject Re: Pb with session
Date Thu, 19 Oct 2000 16:02:22 GMT

I posted a couple of messages to the list concerning
difficulties with sessions. Actually, It turns out that
sessions are managed correctly by Tomcat. My problem
was due to wrong contexts. It seems that many people
(like me) are having a lot of problems with context
path, mapping ...
Doc, tutorial, hints, tips would be welcome !

Here is my new problem :

My servlet forwards the response to a jsp. But
the browser shows the servlet's url not the jsp's one.
As a consequence I need to use absolute url everywhere
in my js pages since I don't know, a priori, what will bring
them to the browser.

Is there a way to fix that ?


Jean-Paul Le Fèvre * CEA Saclay DAPNIA/SEI * Mail :

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