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From Jean-Paul Le Fevre <>
Subject Re: setting up a web application in Tomcat under my home directory instead in the tomcat directory
Date Tue, 17 Oct 2000 08:29:57 GMT

I'm facing the same problem : I posted a message to the list yesterday but
didn't get any answer :(
After having spent a lot of time trying to figure out how Tomcat behaves,
I came to these conclusions :

- The comments in the server.xml are really confusing : the context path
  directives do not override anything at all if autosetup is enabled.

- You have to : either enable autosetup or use context path. Using both
  should be avoided.

- Context path does not work as you and me naively imagine. It is not
  possible to map a any file path to any url. I do not know if it is a
  bug or a feature.

- It happens that I have to start, stop, restart apache+tomcat to see
  any changes in server.xml taken into account. Another mystery !

Hope it helps,


Jean-Paul Le Fèvre * CEA Saclay DAPNIA/SEI * Mail :

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