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From Jean-Paul Le Fevre <>
Subject How Context path works ?
Date Mon, 16 Oct 2000 10:35:32 GMT

Like other people in this list I don't understand how
the Context path option works !

I've tried a lot of configurations in server.xml then looking
at the result in tomcat-apache.conf (and sometimes at the http
result). I'm really confused by the behaviour of tomcat.
Bug or feature ?

Why <Context path="/B" docBase="webapps/A"> gives
Alias /B /ker/home/lefevre/soft/Web/tomcat/webapps/B (and not webapps/A) ?

Why <Context path="/A" docBase="webapps/D/A"> gives 
Alias /A /ker/home/lefevre/soft/Web/tomcat/webapps/A (D swallowed) ?

I ran the test with and without autosetup enabled, with and without ROOT
context path defined ....


Jean-Paul Le Fèvre * CEA Saclay DAPNIA/SEI * Mail :

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