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From Bryan Basham <>
Subject Re: adding jar to context's classpath (but not to ALL contexts... )
Date Tue, 03 Oct 2000 18:09:30 GMT
Hi Gary,

> Does the tomcat server need a restart to notice that a jar file has
> been added to the /lib directory?  Will an updated jar force a reload?

I didn't see anyone answer your question, so I thought I would try.
NOTE: this is not an authorative answer. (read the source code)

The servlet and JSP specs state that reloading *can* be turned on
for these elements, but it doesn't specify that reloading can or will
occur for any other class (which applies to your jar file).  So the
short answer is "no".

Note: I believe that Tomcat reloads JSP pages that change, but not
for servlet .class files.  Can anyone confirm this?


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