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From Mike Papper <>
Subject how to turn off default loading of all directories under webapps
Date Mon, 02 Oct 2000 02:22:46 GMT
Is there an easy way (short of removing the dam webapps directory) of 
telling tomcat
to NOT load all the directories (as contexts) it sees under webapps?

I would assume that most websites would like to have host/page.html be 
their url rather than forcing the user to type in an extra path, like 

Any ideas? The config doc certainly does not metion this at all.

While I'm here: any idea on thread pooling when using tomcat inside Iis – 
I realize that iis can do throttling, but can tomcat use a thread pools 
for its servlets?

Mike Papper, E-mail:
Hardhat Wholesale, 180 Borica St., San Francisco, CA 94127
Tel: 415-584-8449 (h) 510-568-7770 ext. 17(work), Fax: (at work) 

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