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From "John C. Turnbull" <>
Subject Re: Disapointment (way, way off topic)
Date Fri, 27 Oct 2000 01:05:41 GMT
| This is the real problem with the internet.  People don't check the
| original post and respond to things out of context.  The original quote
| was, "The tomcat docs and this mailing list has been..."  The grammar was
| incorrect and the sentence should have been, "The tomcat docs and this
| mailing list have been..."

The *real* problem here is a lack of tolerance.  Hardly anyone expresses
themselves using grammatically-perfect speech, be it in English or in any
other language.  Not everyone uses English as their primary language.  Not
everyone has had the opportunity to be educated to the point of a literary
professor.  Not everyone cares if they misspell a word or two or if their
sentence structure is not technically correct.

When we start criticizing people for language-related errors in their posts
then I think we have lost the plot.  Surely the point of the original post
was obvious despite the "mistakes" in the use of English.  Maybe not
everyone agrees with their opinion but that is a different matter

If we were to heavily scrutinize every internet post on the validity of the
language usage then their wood knott bee two many that ever maids them
parsed the scrutinizinatorers of all those list.

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