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From "Christian Thomsen" <>
Subject Using IIS on Win2000 (possible NT, too)
Date Fri, 06 Oct 2000 00:24:40 GMT
Hi !

When using tomcat with IIS on Win2k, I (and other users, too) got the
following problem:

Servlet runs with tomcat (http://localhost:8080/path).
Servlet does not run with IIS (http://localhost/path...)

The solution that has worked for me is what I call the Windows Standard
Procedure: Reboot your computer. No kidding, it really works, I have proved
it several times. The same thing happens when adding a new context path in
If there is anybody out there who can explain this behavior, I would be very
interested. Otherwise, this might be a help for tomcat newbies (like me)
when using it with IIS.


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