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From Dave Finch <>
Subject RE: [Tomcat-users] Tomcat on more than one domain.
Date Mon, 16 Oct 2000 20:54:11 GMT
I am using IIS that has four ip addresses / domain names and I want to be
able to put JSPs and Servlets in the respective web root.
I have it configured so any domain can run JSPs and Servlets but they all
have to be in one location. 

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From: Sergio Stateri Jr []
Sent: Monday, October 16, 2000 4:59 PM
Subject: RES: [Tomcat-users] Tomcat on more than one domain.

Hmmm... Are you trying to use the Tomcat's web Server (port 8080) or Apache
Web Server + Tomcat as JSP/Servlet Container ? If your answer is the second,
then here's a piece of Apache's httpd.conf to set more than one domain in
the same host directing to two instances of tomcat :


ApJServMount / ajpv12://

ApJServMount / ajpv12://

   The first domain ( is redirecting its requests to Tomcat
in port 8007, and the second domain ( is
redirecting its request to Tomcat in (same host, but could be
another) port 8008. Mod Jserv is need to run this configuration. The ports
8007 and 8008 are set in the server.xml of each Tomcat. Here's a piece of
Tomcat's server.xml file :

        <Connector className="org.apache.tomcat.service.SimpleTcpConnector">
            <Parameter name="handler"
            <Parameter name="port" value="8007"/>

Sergio Stateri Jr
Tesla Tecnologia
Sao Paulo (SP) Brazil

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[]Em nome de Scott Hopkinson
Enviada em: Segunda-feira, 16 de Outubro de 2000 10:10
Assunto: [Tomcat-users] Tomcat on more than one domain.

I was wondering if anyone has successfully configured Tomcat on more than
one domain.  I have tried adding multiple hosts in  the server.xml
configuration file, but it does not seem to work. Am I missing something ,
is there more to setting up multiple domains than I am seeing.

Scott Hopkinson

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