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From "Mike Bremford" <>
Subject RE: Apache-Tomcat freeze
Date Mon, 23 Oct 2000 11:50:50 GMT
Which platform are you on? I get similar symptoms on Solaris 2.7 w/ the
latest Sun JDK 1.2.2, both with jserv and jk. I ended up writing a polling
script, which is a pretty poor option.

Cheers... Mike
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  From: Oliver []
  Sent: 21 October 2000 00:55
  Subject: Apache-Tomcat freeze

  I have Apache + Tomcat set up and working for the most part.  However,
occasionally when I request a .jsp, then cancel the request by hitting stop
or moving to another page, Tomcat decides to stop working.  No errors are
reported to the screen or to the logs.  Any future requests for a .jsp,
requests that get passed to Tomcat, will hang.

  This doesn't appear to happen when going straight to Tomcat using port

  Oh yeah, i tried 2 setups.

  1.  Originally it was Apache v1.3.12 talking to Tomcat v3.1 using the
jserv module
  2.  Then, I tried Apache v1.3.12 talking to Tomcat v3.2 using the jk
module over Ajpv13

  The problem happens in both setups.

  Any ideas?

  Thanks in advance,

  Oliver Johnson

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