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From "John Elia" <>
Subject Apache Jserv Secret Key Problems
Date Fri, 20 Oct 2000 13:03:06 GMT
I am facing a situation where I need to have apache and tomcat work
together.  They are both up and running seperately. The latest error I am
getting is..
I need to disable the secret key ( which has been disabled ).  Has anyone
had a similar situation, and what did you do to resolve it.

John Elia

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From: "Stephanie Smith" <>
To: <>
Sent: Thursday, October 19, 2000 9:47 PM
Subject: server side include use of servlet tag

> Fellow Tomcat users,
> I have Tomcat and Apache both running fine on my server.
> Servlets and JSPs work fine.  Now I want to get server side
> includes to work.  I've got SSI commands in a .shtml file and they
> work fine -- they are getting interpreted by Apache and
> the output is correctly displayed on my web page.  Then I attempt
> to invoke a servlet using the servlet tag and specify values for
> CODE and even CODEBASE.  No matter what I try, I can't get
> the servlet to run.  I'm assuming this is a Tomcat problem and
> not an Apache problem.
> Please help.  You're my last hope.
> Thanks,
> Stephanie Smith

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