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From "Joe Emenaker" <>
Subject Re: Disapointment
Date Thu, 26 Oct 2000 23:06:05 GMT
> The tomcat docs and this mailing list has been a huge disapointment in
> getting help.

On the signup page for the mailing list at, they mention
that the mailing lists aren't intended as a tech-support line. They're for
discussion of tomcat.

> All I want to do is setup detail loging, is there any docs on the
> subject?

Good question. In server.xml, you can define "Logger"s, but I don't know if
the names of the loggers (like "tc_log") are hard-coded somewhere or if
they're all user-definable.

What I'd expect is that tomcat would allow you to set up a bunch of log
"channels" in server.xml and then define which contexts use which channels
in server.xml and *additonally* allow you to override those preferences on a
per-servlet basis in web.xml. However, I haven't seen any mention of logging
in Javasoft's servlet 2.2 spec.... so I guess that kinda means that we won't
see any logging-related stuff in web.xml

- Joe

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