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From "Federico Tello Gentile" <>
Subject RE: TOMAT slowing down a lot after a while
Date Tue, 24 Oct 2000 16:03:23 GMT
You were right!
I was closing the ResultSets but not the Statements.
Now I've fixed it and it works a lot better.
However it is still a bug, because when I wasn't loading the servets on
startup the conection with the DB was closed but the Statement objects that
were stil open weren't closed.

I guess for my college assignment it'll work like this, but I've read Access
doesn't lock records on access if they aren't done from the Access UI.

It won't hurt setting up a mySQL db, I guess I can export the data without

Thanks to all of you.

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De: Julio Serje (@Canada) <>
> Hi,
> I'm running a small app. with Tomcat and JDBC connections to MS Access,
> have had no problems at all, so I think you may be doing something wrong
> ommiting something). As a general recommendation (I'm sorry if it sounds
> stupid, but may help you...) you should make sure that you are closing ALL
> jdbc objects (including resultsets and statements, i.e:
> stmt.close();
> rset.close();

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