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From "Joe Emenaker" <>
Subject Re: Disapointment (way, way off topic)
Date Fri, 27 Oct 2000 06:52:58 GMT
> | This is the real problem with the internet.  People don't check the
> | original post and respond to things out of context.  The original
> | was, "The tomcat docs and this mailing list has been..."  The
grammar was
> | incorrect and the sentence should have been, "The tomcat docs and
> | mailing list have been..."
> The *real* problem here is a lack of tolerance.  Hardly anyone
> themselves using grammatically-perfect speech, be it in English or in
> other language.

Also, I've found that sharpshooting of others' grammar is often the last
resort for someone who's pissed at the poster, but doesn't have any
"real" argument to make. Sort of like that saying "Profanity is the
haven of feeble minds" or something like that. Basically, the saying is
about.... when someone starts cursing up a storm in an argument, it
means that they're out of arguments.

The fact remains that the original poster expected their problem to be
solved here on the mailing list. What they didn't realize is that
mailing lists, as Forest Gump would say, is like a box of chocolates;
you never know what you're going to get.

So, they posted their angry post.

The decision the rest of us faced, is whether to reward such a tantrum
with an answer to their problem. Do we want to, in effect, demonstrate
to them that pitching a fit over how nobody has stepped forward to solve
your problem acutally cause someone to step forward to solve your

- Joe

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