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From Kenneth R. Kress <>
Subject Re: <url-pattern> only works with Tomcat HTTP server, not Apache
Date Tue, 17 Oct 2000 01:04:35 GMT

I'm surprised you didn't find the answers in the archives. Take
a look at:

for a solution using the Apache directive LocationMatch.

Another solution is to use the mount directive. E.g.,

ApJServMount /intranet/servlet /intranet
ApJServMount /intranet/cgi_bin /intranet

The equivalent Jk directive is 
JkMount /intranet/servlet/* ajp12
JkMount /intranet/cgi_bin/* ajp12

In the archives, search for the subject "Servlet configuration"
and read Jacob Kjome's informative postings.

Whether you use LocationMatch or the appropriate Mount directive
in your tomcat-apache.conf file, you *MUST* also modify your
context's web.xml file and add an URL-PATTERN (E.g., 
<url-pattern> /cgi_bin/*</url-pattern> ).


On Mon, 16 Oct 2000, you wrote: > I know this topic has
been posted before, because I read about it in the > list
archives, but the problem still remains unsolved.  It's seems
like > such a basic thing too, and I'm surprised I haven't found
an answer yet. >  > I have Tomcat 3.2 beta 6 installed on Red
Hat 6.1, working with Apache > (Apache is configured by
including the tomcat-apache.conf file).  I have > the context
/webmail set up, which works fine when I try to call a > servlet
this way: > 
> But I don't want my users to have to call up the page that way because
> it's too long.  Instead I want users to call it this way:
> So I edited web.xml (found in $TOMCAT_HOME/webapps/webmail/WEB-INF) and
> gave my servlet the url-mapping of *.  I've verified that it works with
> the Tomcat HTTP server by calling the URL
> and it displays to correct content.  But when I try to access
>, Apache displays a "not found" error.
> Why does this happen and how do I fix it?
> Thanks for any suggestions,
> Paul
> --
> Paul Hoepfner-Homme
> OVEN Digital |
Kenneth R. Kress                      

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