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From Kenneth R. Kress <>
Subject Re: Apache-Tomcat:Requires JSERV for Port 80?
Date Sun, 01 Oct 2000 18:44:22 GMT

I'm an experimentalist, so here's what "works" and the theory
that seems to explain what works and what doesn't. I leave open
the possibility that I'm completely wrong and my theory fits the
facts coincidentally.

Apache listens on port 80. When a request comes in, Apache
looks through its modules to see if there is a special handler
for this particular request/URL.

If Tomcat has been integrated (Include ...tomcat-apache.conf in httpd.conf),
the jserv or jk module has been loaded. The URL matches the handlers
defined in the module and processing is passed to Tomcat. 

That's my theory. It explains why you *must* load either mod_Jserv
or mod_Jk. It also opens the door to a way you could use Tomcat
and Apache without the modules. You could use a redirect of some
sort to pass the request from Apache on port 80 to Tomcat on port 8080.
I think you would lose alot doing that, but it should be possible.

Take a look at:


On Sun, 01 Oct 2000, you wrote:
> I installed apache, and tomcat. At this point, I can run apache on port 80
> but there are no redirects to 8080 for JSP's.
> is JSERV required for the connection handling for the ajp12?
> Or is there a way to not use jserv and somehow have apache forward all JSP
> to tomcat anyhow??
> Tomcat works fine on 8080, just when I run the same file on port 80, just
> sends it back as text.(obviously)
> Luis Andrei Cobo

Kenneth R. Kress                      

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