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From "Adam Montville" <>
Subject Use of Apache 1.3 API in Tomcat 3.1
Date Wed, 04 Oct 2000 03:31:12 GMT
I've got Tomcat 3.1 set up using JDK1.3 on a Linux box running the latest
Apache release (1.3.12 something).  Everything is visible via the browser,
so I can type http://myhost/examples and will get the listing according to
Tomcat's directory structure.  However, when I move to execute a JSP (or
servlet) I get an Internal Server Error.  The mod_jserv.log file tells me
that it failed to connect to port 8007 on the localhost.  Then I noticed in
my apache error_log that there is a warning there informing me that uses the Apache API 1.3, and that it might crash under EAPI
(not quite sure what that means).

Does anyone have any ideas pertaining to this and how to fix it?  Or is
there a newer version of that I should be using?  I retrieved
this version from the "stable" directory off the Tomcat page.



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