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From "Aaron Sallade" <>
Subject Re: please help !!!
Date Tue, 17 Oct 2000 21:14:22 GMT
Red Hat installs its own Java Runtime Enviroment, called Kaffe. So if you
also installed jdk1.2.2 then you have2 different java enviroments, wich is
pretty messy for beginers to coordinate.
I suggest removing the Kaffe instalation by typing rpm -rm kaffe and then
exporting your paths as follows
export JAVA_HOME=/insert/path/to/java/here
export TOMCAT_HOME=/path/to/tomcat/here
export CLASSPATH=.

Make sure that apache is not set to startup at lilo boot or it will steal
the port numbers.
once your instalations are working and the paths above seem to be correct,
add the export commands to your /root/.bashrc

Good Luck.

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