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From "John Bateman" <>
Subject RE: bad time with tomcat
Date Fri, 27 Oct 2000 15:34:22 GMT

I've also had issues with Tomcat, but maybe along different lines.

I'm using a P2-400mhz with 256 meg Ram Linux (6.2) box running Tomcat as
Stand alone.

I use JMeter to pound the heck out of some servlets on the machine like
SnoopServlet, Cookie25 and a couple of other basic servlets. The most
complex of them connects to a Sybase DB using the Sybase Type 4 driver
JConnect 5.2 (it does a Select 1 and spits out the value returned.).

So, here's the 'issue'. When we configure Jmeter to use Thread Groups of 20
threads each to beat up the machine, occasionally, okay I'm being generous,
frequently the Tomcat process dies at around an average of 50 threads or 50
concurrent requests.

My next step is to integrate with Apache, using mod_jk and see if I can get
this number higher. I know if I can hit about 100 or so my boss would feel
satisfied that it can be used in our production environment (load balanced
with all the bells and whistles). This would also mean he would be willing
to classify Servlet Engines as High end solutions and not low to mid level
like he does now.

Another reason I am using the 100 thread/connects as a 'highbar' is because
PHP, which is out current web language of choice, handles this load amount
easily, albeit it's not as strong a language as Java, but it does what it
has to to get our job done.

I'll keep you all posted with my tests.

Please feel free to let me know if I am barking up the wrong tree with these

Thanks a lot. (I'm very impressed with the participation of this list).

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Craig Day []
> Sent: Thursday, October 26, 2000 9:07 PM
> To:;
> Subject: bad time with tomcat
> Hi All,
>     We are having a horrible time with tomcat in out production
> environment. We are running 3.1 on multiple Ultra-250s each
> with 1gig of memory running Solaris26 and Sun JDK1.2.2_005.
> The application is a relatively simple JSP-based app producing
> XML out of Oracle 8.1.6. We do simple load balancing via DNS.
> We are using Stronghold, but not the jserv connector, we ProxyPass
> the requests instead.
>     At this point, tomcat is the least stable component in our
> environment. Tomcat will die on us regularly without giving any
> hint as to why, and also occasionally decides to chew all the
> CPU for no apparent reason (no hits even being made). Id love to
> hear from anyone who is having more success with Tomcat and
> any suggestions anyone may have for improving its stability and or
> diagnosing what the problem may be.
> regards
> craig

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