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From "Scott Sanders" <>
Subject RE: Sharing sessions across contexts?
Date Sat, 07 Oct 2000 08:08:56 GMT
> > Can the Form-based Login be active content from a servlet
> (as long as it
> > follows the spec of course), or is it only dynamic.  Just
> asking because of
> > the need to present the screen in both HTML and WML.
> >
> The login form itself can be either a servlet or a JSP page, so it can
> definitely be dynamically created.  (Static HTML pages also
> work, but that will
> not help in your scenario where you want different output to different
> clients)  The primary requirement that may matter more is
> that the login form
> has to be able to do an HTTP POST to a specific action
> ("j_security_check")
> with specific field names ("j_username" and "j_password").
> If your WML-based
> clients can do that, you should be fine.
> By the way, form-based login (for individual apps, not the
> "single sign on"
> support) is available in Tomcat 3.2 as well.
Thanks, Craig.

I was aware it was available in 3.2, but even though I don't need the single
signon feature, I absolutely _WANT_ (need) the filtering capabilities.  It
is the design pattern that I was trying to implement on my own, so now I can
try and help T4 along. ;-)

Just need to catch up...

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