Sessions are per person not per Application.  I am not sure what is causing your problem for things to mix over (maybe you can go more into depth on how you are doing it).
Have you thought about using beans to keep track of all of the information that you are putting into a session?  You can store all of the information in a bean and then have the bean stay with the client through their session.  Just a thought.
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Subject: JSP Session Question

I have some problems with sessiontracking in jsp's.
I store several data in an session and re-read it. That works fine.
But it seems that there is only one session-data for the whole application,
or in other words all requests share one session.
My questionis why.

I am using servlets for a while and all worked fine even with sessiontracking.
For easier programming I decided to change to jsp's, but now I have the problem above described.
Hope someone could help me

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Burkard Endres