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From Tomas Westin <>
Subject mod_jk
Date Wed, 13 Sep 2000 00:17:48 GMT


When using mod_jk and ajp13(with the necessary WAS_BORN_BY_APACHE changes
to enable it to co-exist php etc) with apache and tomcat 3.2 b3 mod_jk
sometimes seems to deliver the wrong name for the requested file to
tomcat, thus resulting that an entirely different file than the one
requested is served to the browser

This occur at random intervalls, maybe one time of ten or twenty requests,
more frequently if you reload a speciall file often, i.e if you hit
refresh on test1.jsp say 50 times you have a bigger chance of getting the
output of test1.jsp when you request test2.jsp than if you would just make
one or two requests to test1.jsp before you request test2.jsp, sometimes
it will return a internal server error, but that is much more rare

When JSP pages or Servlets are access through tomcat on port 8080 this
problem does not appear at all, which quite effectivly narrows it down to
mod_jk, having port 8080 open is not such a nice solution though. Has
anyone else experienced this? Or have any hints regarding it whatsoever?

regards Tomas

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