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From Joseph Santaniello <>
Subject HP-UX 11 help needed
Date Thu, 14 Sep 2000 03:31:50 GMT
Hello All,

I am somewhat desperate, and the faq-o-matic hasn't been available all
day, so maybe this has been covered before, but I'm in a jam and need to
get things sorted out asap...

I'm running HP-UX 11.0 (32 bit) and Java on my dev box and
eventually will be using 64 bit 11.0 on my production box. I have
installed Tomcat 3.1 binaries that seem to fire up fine, but when I
connect to the port Tomcat i litening on I get this exception on stdout:

HANDLER THREAD PROBLEM: Stream broken Stream broken

Is this some known issue? will Java 1.3 behave differently? If I compile
Tomcat on my box instead of binaries, will this make a difference? I've
been trying to build Tomcat, but I keep getting class not found errors.

Is there some kind of weirdness with HP-UX an threads? Probably completely
unrelated, but strangely fishy, I can't get threads to work in Python on
this box either...

All help in getting a working tomcat (stand alone, no apache) on my HP is
greatly appreciated.




Joseph Santaniello
Chief Technology Officer

Westlake Financial Services
4751 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 100
Los Angeles, CA 90010

(323) 692 4129

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