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From "Steven Newton" <>
Subject 3.1 JDBCRealm
Date Wed, 27 Sep 2000 21:54:40 GMT
I'm running Tomcat 3.1.  I have the JDBCRealm class installed and working
just fine but for one which I have yet to resolve regarding realms.

What I seem to be unable to do is disable/bypass the built-in memory realm.
It works fine if I put add the users to the desired roles in
as well as in the database.  However I've tried a number of variations in my
web.xml, tomcat-users.xml and server.xml to change this behavior so that
the JDBC realm is consulted and no luck.  In other words, if I have put a
testuser1 and testuser2 in the DB but only put testuser1 in tomcat-users.xml
then only testuser1 will be able to access the protected area.  I really
want to have to maintain the users in both locations, so perhaps someone can
point me to some clues.  I found nothing specific to this question in
JDBCRealm.howto or the mailing list archives, although they were very
in getting me to this point.



  <user name="testuser1" password="testpass" roles="tomcat" />

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