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From "Jack Gavigan" <>
Subject Re: Basic Question & Re: HEEELPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Date Tue, 26 Sep 2000 16:05:03 GMT

>> It's also probably worth mentioning that Tomcat will use mod_jk
>> (instead of mod_jserv) from v3.2 (currently in beta) onwards.
> Does version 3.2 beta 4 use mod_jk by default?

That's a bit like asking "Does a Ford Fiesta use first gear by default?".

It's up to you to decide which module (gear) you want to use, but mod_jk is recommended.

>> This may be due to the combination of linux(5.2) and
>> jdk1.1.x(except jdk116_v5)...
> There is no Linux 5.2.

He's probably referring to Red Hat v5.2

Jack Gavigan


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